an introduction to Me

I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time now, but laziness, being distracted by stuff and other mind-blowing events have kept me busy. But still, a start is all you get.

My published works so far includes (in order of appearance of the latest) are:

1.Dark Highways – published by Fixi Novo in 2013

2. My Life in a Book – short story appeared in Esquire 2013 edition

3. Respect – short story appeared in Esquire Jan 2012 edition

4. Cannibal Vs Ah Long and Other Bloody Stories – collection of short stories published by Storm Publishing Oct 2011

5. Pieces – appeared in Silverfish Best Malaysian Stories

I write when I am inspired by a single question. The short story Utero Indigo which can be found in Cannibal Vs Ah Long was based on the single question: What if zombies can think? Of course the final outcome of the story had no real life zombies, but instead had a group of crazed people going apeshit crazy in love with a series of zombie movies with the central character called Zero. So if you do ask me where I get my ideas, I’d say, from almost anywhere, but always commencing with a “What if…” premise.

Of course, some works are a labored effort, such as The Contract with Mr. Cadeer, which took me several hundred (seems like) rewrites until I achieved some degree of satisfaction on the pacing and voice. But the longest most never-ending-like short story which took me 13 years to complete (on and off, over the years) is “Ghostgirl”. If you were to ask me, that’s my personal favorite although I had no idea at all the direction it was going to take, until one night, at the back of taxi heading back home after a business trip, with a dying battery frantically hacking the keys to get it out from my head. And suddenly like someone opening a door and letting the light in, the ending was revealed. That was a magical moment for me, and I know its only going to happen once. 13 years of meandering all over the place finally made sense.

And like all personal works of expression, there is one which everyone (friends and family actually) likes, that would be “The Lake”. A love story which had happened but was no more. You have to read it to know what I mean. The ending was something I debated over internally until I asked an old friend which ending made more sense, or was better. And so I took his advice, and much to my relief, was the right one.

For the short less-than-500-words story Respect, it was done out an experiment for a new kind of voice. Its a narrated tale of revenge, and it gets nasty to the very end. I wrote that pretty quickly, and in a space-vacuum-like headspin. Whatever that means.

And now, I’m waiting for the publication of my 3rd book. A collection of nasty stuff, with a working title of TERRORVILLE, under Novo Fixi. According to them, the proposed launch date is this October. And yeah, I’m really looking forward to that.


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