Living in Our Cars – non-fiction sarcasm

 By the look of things, it seems that we have no choice but to move on with the times and start making arrangements to live in our cars. We can start with establishing our favorite color schemes, the type of curtains we need and of course, the pillows and blankets of our choice. I would recommend that the driver and passenger seat upfront be joined in the centre so that the driver and lean sides to rest his weary head, whilst the passengers at the back can either stretch sides or, flatten the back seats to collapse on the trunk at the back so that legs can be stretched there. As for food storage and entertainment, once again we can use the trunk space for a small refrigerator and the ceiling of the car to place the television screen, as both passengers and driven and lie back and watch the latest DVD.

If all goes well, family members or friends with own separate cars can arrange to meet at a certain place and ‘join’ respective vehicles / homes together to create a small community. The only difference from traditional communities is that this particular community will be mobile and may break up, expand or re-establish on the basis of space availability, busy work schedule and the fickleness of traffic lights.

The world is turning into one huge parking lot so why not start making plans now. In my car trunk I have a suitcase with the following items: a white shirt, a pair of black pants, some underwear, 2 bars of soap, a beach towel, several paperback edition of a modern classics (Da Vinci Code, Stupid White Men, and the Life of Pi), some money, a tooth brush, tooth paste (small), shampoo, tee-shirts, jeans, 2 pairs of black socks and 2 pairs of gym socks, a pair of shorts, a tank top and a comb. I’m already making plans to add in 8 bottles of mineral water, three packs of batteries, several cheap mobile phones, several pre-paid top-ups and some chocolates. I’m getting prepared for all eventualities. How will the future really look like with the current heavy traffic and the endless deadlines and meetings we all have to attend no matter what: miles and miles of bumper to bumper highway traffic jams which will evolve to become “linking cities”, linking one city to another non-stop. Public transport will in turn, be used as public hospitals and public recreation centres. There will expert trainers, training the linking cities citizen on how to walk and run on the slippery roofs of cars, how to forage for food (public transport will also be used a supermarkets) and how to take hot showers from the back of a static petrol tank.

And it will be wonderful.

Welcome to the future. 


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