Too Many Teeth

Dr. Kay tried to recall in detail the expression of the child who told him that his step-dad had too many teeth in his mouth. He jotted it down and had it dictated on his recording machine; but he failed to remember how the boy looked like when he revealed the dark secret that was disturbing his 8 year old mind.

He looked resigned and terribly worried. Which was not an easy thing to achieve when you’re that young. He had seen similar expressions over the years as a psychiatrist, from men and women, but never on a child.

Too many teeth? What did that really mean.

The subsequent session Dr. Kay had taken the extra effort to seek out the young boy’s step dad as the man walked in through the door with the wife. Dr. Kay was surprised to meet a medium built man with a slightly timid stance; smiling broadly and nodding. Did he have too many teeth in his mouth? Dr. Kay could not ascertain as the man had his mouth clamped shut. It was the wife and mother who did all of the talking.

So Dr. Kay asked the boy what was the worst thing a person with too many teeth could do. The answer took him by surprise and sent a single shot of chill down his back.

They eat people faster with more teeth.

Why? Dr. Kay had asked.

Because the flesh can be easily chewed.


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